Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gifts Inventory RESULTS

Thanks for completing the gifts test today in Sunday school.

The results listed below will give us an idea what our gifts are. Keep in mind that as you grow in the Lord, the strengths and weaknesses of your gifts can change.

Aaron Arnold
Leadership, Serving

Mario Arnold
Manual Craftsmanship, Giving

Marquita Arnold
Arts/Crafts Craftsmanship

Randy Brown
Giving, Prayer

Aaron Clover
Manual Craftsmanship, Helps, Mercy, Serving

Brett Clover

Giving, Hospitality

Brittany Duncan
Arts/Crafts Craftsmanship, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Serving

Caleb Hayes
Leadership, Mercy

Devin Hedger
Administration, Instrumental Music

Lauren Hedger
Hospitality, Vocal Music

Erica Lenzmeier

Annette Lomeli
Helps, Knowledge

Nowel Ojeda
Vocal Music, Serving

Brianna White
Leadership, Mercy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Glenn are we going to Ironwood in the summer? Because I got a registration letter in the mail, and my mom wants to find out if were going this year because we are planning a family trip in the summer and my mom/dad want to know what your plans were.
Thanks, please write back soon!

9:56 PM  

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