Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Well, it's Christmas Eve and we just wanted to leave everyone with some last minute Christmas reflections.

Each year with all of the materialism and self-focus promoted through the world's approach to Christmas, we who are believers in Jesus Christ need to take extra special care in making sure that we don't miss the true meaning of Christmas.

Here are some practical ways that can help us avoid missing the true meaning of Christmas this year:

* Spend some quiet time in prayer early Christmas morning. I know, I know: you want to get those gifts open. That's fine and good, but take some time before doing that thanking God for the best gift of all: Jesus.

* Make it a point to read Matthew chapter 1 and Luke chapter 2 either tonight or tomorrow. It's always good to refresh ourselves in what the Christmas story actually says.

* Talk to someone about Jesus Christ. I'm sure many of us will come in contact with family members or friends who aren't saved. Christmas time is one of the best times to share with that person the story of Jesus. Maybe you can break the ice by asking what they are most thankful for this Christmas season, and after they give their answer tell them that you're most thankful for Jesus and explain the reason why.

* Forgive those who need your forgiveness. It's easy for all of us to get out of sorts with people who should be close to us over the course of a year's time. You'll see that person tonight or tomorrow. Why not make up with that person? Don't let bitterness and unforgiveness steal the true meaning of Christmas from you this year.

* Tell those who are important to you that you love them. Christmas is truly about love: God's love for us. And because we have received His love we should be willing to share His love. A simple, "I love you," to your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or whoever will help everyone sense the true meaning of Christmas.

Remember, the reason for the season is to remember and rejoice in Christ's birth over 2000 years ago for the salvation of humankind. The salvation we have in Jesus changes our lives and should change the way we think about Christmas. Practice these suggestions and instead of missing Christmas you'll make this Christmas one of the most memorable ever!